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Bringing Christmas Together

Bringing Christmas Together is more than just a Townsville City Council competition to Hayley Gorsuch – it’s also the initiative that brought her and her neighbours closer than they’d ever been before.

Ms Gorsuch was one of 20 winners for last year’s Bringing Christmas Together competition. Residents are asked to share with Council how they would use $200 to build trust and relationships in community.

She said the event was so valuable for her Belgian Gardens street as “many new friendships were formed”.

“It has broken the ice for many of us to connect with each other when we see each other in the street,” Ms Gorsuch said.

“Some neighbours who have lived in the street for over 20 years shared some stories and commented that they used to know everyone in the street but in recent years, they knew very few.

“This event helped to change that and has started to transform our two streets into a neighbourhood community.”

She said throwing the Christmas street party wouldn’t have been able to happen without the support of Council.

“I let everyone know it was thanks to TCC’s generous competition and subsequent contribution to the event,” she said.

“Many had been unaware of the competition and expressed great gratitude. There were even comments that we should make it an annual event.”

Community and Cultural Development Committee chairperson Ann-Maree Greaney said she encouraged residents to enter this year’s Bringing Christmas Together competition for a chance to throw a similar party.

“Bringing Christmas Together is all about connecting communities. It’s easy for years to go by without getting to know your neighbours well, but hosting a neighbour gathering is one of the best ways to get everyone out of their homes and for new friendships to form,” Cr Greaney said.

“To enter just fill out our Bringing Christmas Together form for a chance to win a $200 grant towards your party. All you need to do is explain how you’ll connect and involve your neighbours in a Christmas celebration this year.

“This is a great way to build community spirit and spread the joy of Christmas.”

For more information or to enter, visit Council’s website.

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