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Pictured above: Sunrise over Alma Bay ANZAC Day 2015. Photo Debbie Denison

Magnetic Island RSL Sub-Branch Inc. invite veterans, residents and visitors to attend Magnetic Island’s ANZAC Day Memorial Service on Tuesday 25th April 2023 at the Cenotaph at Alma Bay.

GUNFIRE BREAKFAST 4.45am: Marchers are invited to assemble at the RSL Memorial Hall, 31 Hayles Avenue, Arcadia, from 4.45am for a Gunfire Breakfast of rum and milk - traditionally served to WWI soldiers at first light before battle to alleviate their nerves.

MARCH 5.10am: Our marchers will assemble at 5.10am and step off at 5.20am. The service at Alma Bay will commence at 5.30am.

Sunbus will provide bus services to the RSL (on main roads only) departing Picnic Bay and Horseshoe Bay at 4.45am.

The public are invited to gather at Alma Bay Park before 5.30am, on the southern (Geoffrey Bay) side of the Cenotaph. Please leave room on the other sides for the march and the official party.

As part of the ceremony, you would be welcome to lay a wreath. Alternatively, you may like to lay a book which will subsequently be donated to the Magnetic Island State School. The book should be suitable for primary school children and there is no requirement for it to be about the military or ANZAC Day – all books will contribute to the learning and development of the students at our Island school.

We thank you for helping us celebrate this commemorative event which commences at Alma Bay at 5.30am

All funds generated go to the Welfare and Support of veterans and to the Magnetic Island Community

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Apr 24, 2023

Bloody good photo Deb.

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