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Pictured above: New under road drain on Apjohn Street & Horseshoe Bay Road intersection and open drain in the Horseshoe Bay Sports Park. Photo: Supplied.

Debbie Denison

After years of flooding, work has recommenced on the Apjohn Street drainage project in Horseshoe Bay.

The scope of works has been extensive and have taken place on the Horseshoe Bay Park, the western side of Apjohn Street and along Horseshoe Bay Road.

For many months traffic in the area has been reduced to single lane, with associated works causing noise and dust.

Pictured above: Large open drain on the left side of Apjohn heading up to Horseshoe Bay Road. Photo Debbie Denison.

A large drain has been installed under the Horseshoe Bay Road with a large open drain along the left hand side of the western side of Apjohn Street.

A spokesperson for TCC told the MCN “Works on the drainage project in Apjohn Street are progressing well. The works are expected to be completed in April, depending on weather and impacts from the COVID-19 endemic."

Pictured above: Culvert under western side Apjohn Street near Corica Court. Photo Debbie Denison.

Spokesperson said "Some of the rock that was placed last year has been kept as better protection, with the remainder reused on site in other locations.”

When asked if TCC would install a fence around the open drains the spokesperson told MCN “No fencing will be installed, however some guardrails will be installed where required.”

The Apjohn Street Drainage Improvements project is jointly funded by Townsville City Council and the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

The Apjohn Street Drainage works project meant the original tennis court on the Horseshoe Bay Park had to be removed and a new multipurpose sports court was built.

A spokesperson for TCC told the MCN “The new multipurpose court is now complete and open to the public for use. Lighting will be installed shortly.

The court was built at a cost of $300,000, which was funded through the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland program.”

Pictured Above: new multipurpose sports court now open for use. Photo Debbie Denison

The spokesperson went on to say” Works on the oval will start in the coming weeks, with the contractor working with the local AFL club to minimise disruptions.

Some landscaping and irrigation works are included in the scope of the project.”

Pictured above: Sports Field swale behind goal posts. Photo supplied.

Works will also begin in the coming months on the upgrade of the Horseshoe Bay Road from Pacific Drive To Armand Way.

A spokesperson for TCC told the MCN “Council is expecting to award a contract to undertake the upgrade of Horseshoe Bay Road in the coming weeks with a view to the works starting shortly after.”

The spokesperson added “ A further $2m worth of guardrail protection works along Horseshoe Bay Road is funded by the Australian Government Black Spot programme.”

Watch This Space!

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