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Science Week looks beyond the microscope to water quality

Queensland is celebrating the varied aspects of our valued scientists for National Science Week which runs from August 14-22, 2021.

Emily Richards has a Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours) majoring in chemistry and biology.

“I’ve worked with the Department of Environment and Science since April 2021,” Ms Richards said.

“I am currently a technical officer with the Queensland Government’s chemistry centre, located at the Ecosciences Precinct Dutton Park.

“My work assists with the monitoring long term trends in water quality entering the Great Barrier Reef from adjacent catchments along the Queensland coast.

“This helps assesses progress towards reef water quality targets and how the adoption of improved land management practices have either improved or impacted the reef water quality over time.

“Analysing Great Barrier Reef catchment samples for sediments, nitrogen and nutrient levels uses my developing analytical skills within chemistry through working with specialty instruments and equipment to achieve results for the Reef monitoring program.

Ms Richards said National Science Week is a great opportunity to highlight the many facets across the field to inspire young people to consider a career in science.

“Follow what you are most passionate about and explore the many opportunities the scientific field has to offer,” she said.

“It is an ever-changing industry from continual development, discoveries and innovation.

“For me, the sciences allow me to contribute work towards something worthwhile, and creates a positive impact.

“The fact there is always something new to learn in my industry is what makes it challenging and exciting.

Queensland’s Chief Scientist Professor Hugh Possingham said everyone from students to grandparents could get involved in the celebration of science during National Science Week.

“Visit the National Science Week website to find local or online National Science Week activities near you and follow the Queensland Science Facebook channel for the latest science news,” he said.

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