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Operation Tango Anaconda – a state-wide operation targets drug driving on Queensland roads

The Queensland Police Service will today launch Operation Tango Anaconda, a state-wide enforcement operation targeting drug driving.

Running from March 1 – June 30, the operation will focus on high visibility random drug testing aimed at deterring drug driving offences and preventing serious and fatal crashes that occur as a result.

Acting Inspector Paul Algie said drugs were the cause of almost 10 per cent of road fatalities nation-wide, with the impairment significantly increasing the likelihood of a crash.

“If you are driving with drugs in your system you are 10 times more likely to be responsible for a crash,” Acting Inspector Algie said.

“We know all too well that these crashes have very serious consequences that can directly impact your life, and those around you.”

Acting Inspector Algie said all available officers across the state would take part in the operation.

“The message we are sending is very clear – if you are under the influence of drugs, do not get behind the wheel,” he said.

“If you are drug driving, you can expect to see us.

“Road safety is your responsibility. Every decision you make when you’re behind the wheel counts.”

Sadly in 2021, 43 lives have been lost on Queensland roads, an increase of 20 from 2020 (as of midnight February 25).

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