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NBN Fixed Wireless Coming to Magnetic Island

Debbie Denison

The Australian Government has today announced that Magnetic Island was successful in obtaining a Regional Connectivity Program Round 3 grant.

The NBN Fixed Wireless Broadband project will deliver fixed wireless broadband to Magnetic Island, providing improved connectivity.

Federal Govt contribution  will be $4,467,731.00, the MCN understands the NBN will further make a contribution to the connectivity project for Magnetic Island, we are currently waiting for conformation of that amount.

Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP told the MCN “It doesn’t matter where you live, access to reliable mobile coverage and connectivity is essential in 2023. That’s why the Albanese Government is investing $1.1 billion to narrow the digital divide as part of the most significant investment in regional communications since the creation of the National Broadband Network.

More than one hundred communities and locations across rural and regional Australia will benefit from significant communications upgrades made possible by $170.2 million in Commonwealth investment through the Albanese Government’s Regional Connectivity Program (RCP) and Mobile Black Spot Program (MBSP). These programs – funded in the October 2022 Budget – aim to narrow the digital divide in rural and regional communities, providing investment to improve mobile coverage issues, fund public Wi-Fi, and deliver fibre upgrades. The latest program rounds attracted $106.25 million in co-investment to deliver 136 projects across both streams.

There will be more updates on this project. Watch this space.

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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2023

As a regular visitor to Magnetic Island I can say that wireless Broardband has actually deteriorated at Nelly Bay for basic online work. I found that I needed one phone to talk, another for video and an iPad to read documents. What is more I had to sit out on the breakwater to get that all happening. Never used to be that bad. I found a better reception on a hotspot by downgrading it to 3G. Telstra said that r3ception would be upgraded in July nxt year.

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