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RE: The FEAR MONGERING in amongst our community MUST STOP!

Understanding that the Townsville City Council supports MICDA:

MICDA together with Totally Renewable Magnetic, hosted a public meeting yesterday at Amaroo with Community Power Agency from Sydney, with an aim for CPA, to understand Magnetic Island’s lack of Energy Resilience.

There were sixteen attendees; of that there was three facilitators from Sydney, four public members and the rest could be best described as intrinsically involved somewhat in the Energy Sector or community organizations.

By the end of the 3 hour session designed to understand the supposed insufficiency in our Magnetic Island Energy Resilience, I felt the anxiety of the facilitators when they started to understand that there was NO DEFICIENCY in our energy resilience and sustainability.

Where we actually enjoy freedom of concern of supply, cheap, time tested, resilient and reliable energy from the National Grid with 24/7/365 with emergency backup staff to reinstate power at the drop of a hat. I felt that they had realized they had wasted their time.

Who encouraged them to Magnetic Island?

During the sessions, it was said, that the Chinese might come down and blow up the power infrastructure and that would cripple the country and unprepared, more than a Cyclone, giving added reason to become Energy Resilient.

I begged that the Fear Mongering stop.

This morning I have been made aware that TRM are inviting the community to a special meeting @ Peppers on the 16Th of September to be educated in all things good, in energy use.

The leading point of the meeting is about increased costs of electricity……………….. Reality is that the costs of electricity are considerably less than what they were about ten years ago. Fear Mongering!?.


It is more important to be afraid of the alternative energy supply by unknown corporate bodies! (Might be Chinese)

If you agree, simply contact your local councillor to say the “Notion of Totally Renewable Magnetic Island must stop!...... enough is enough!!”.

In the case of a Cyclone the power lines will be down. If you perceive a need to maintain an electrical supply, isn’t it in your own best interests to safeguard you and yours, with whatever you need to live in your self-chosen, rarely, cyclonic location.


Michael Schmidt.

Nelly Bay

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