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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

To The Magnetic Island Community, today is the last day you can comment on the draft Magnetic Island Tourism Master Plan Draft.

To Me…… The draft is nothing short of direct cheeky unashamed “in ya face” bullying. Its whole premise is built about a lie that is 7.1 as copied below.

7.1 Our vision and objectives Our vision is to be a world leading sustainable island destination inspiring land and reef stewardship that enhances the quality of life of our community and strengthens the cultural identity of our island home.

The Magnetic Island Community has not agreed to 7.1.

In fact, everything about Earth Check’s study has at the best, 9% of the island respondents , although not all of them idealists, is not a reflection of the truths of how 91% of Magnetic Islanders operate.

To make a comment please go to:

Regards Michael Schmidt Nelly Bay

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