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Pictured above: An example of a regional hydrogen hub

Public information Heads up.

Experimental Hydrogen Hub Magnetic Island

In brief; There is a move to have an experimental Hydrogen Hub (Powerhouse (s) developed here on the island, perhaps to forego the replacement of the undersea power supply cables.

I was told personally by a gentleman that he was here to develop new power supply on Magnetic Island, Palm Island and Charters Towers and any other remote community that wanted to come onboard.

Facts: TCC are developing the Lansdown Project including Hydrogen manufacture.

Fact: TCC are going to lengthy means to get an “Experimental Hydrogen Hub” here on the island, thru ERGON and now MICDA.

Fact: TCC exaggerated the extent of asbestos contamination at 55 Kelly St………………………...WHY?

Fact: MIRRA was approached to allocate 3 commercial blocks to be developed from the 55 Kelly St., community land to provide parking space to the Island’s heavy machinery contractors.

Fact: Those three blocks have not been developed to be sold to any contractor that I know of to date.

Fact: There is a heavy-duty transformer pole with 11,000-volt mains which have nothing to do with low power use truck parking, adjacent to those blocks. In preparation of what I wonder, Hydrogen Power Station? Mind you…. It could go down at the Horseshoe Sports Grounds or there could be two!

Fact: In November 2020, I, and others from the Magnetic Island community participated in an ERGON Energy Symposium about Magnetic Island Energy requirements, usage, and supply.

Fact: The ERGON report of the meeting has not one word of Hydrogen in it that the conclusion of the day was for solar expansion if anything.

Fact: Without the community knowing, ERGON applied to the Federal Government for a grant to install an “Experimental Hydrogen Hub” here on the island, AGAINST the November symposium outcome.

Fact: I wrote an objecting email which seemed to put the topic down for a while.

Fact: MICDA/MINCA, on behalf of TCC are hosting another meeting, (planned earlier this year – (COVID postponed) pretending the November 2020 symposium never occurred to, I assume, to re-explore a Hydrogen Hub here on the island.

SUMMARY: I, myself am against the Experimental Hydrogen hub with the following reasons….

Hydrogen is expensive. There will be no benefits to the community. We, the community can ill afford any land to be put to the commercial “Private Ownership” benefit of others. From what I understand from personal communication as above, the Hydrogen Hub will eventually be in Private Enterprise hands. The Hydrogen Hub, I expect would have to have Managerial and expert Operational shift worker staff and family quarters, Staff amenities, Staff and Public Offices, Public amenities, Experiment w/shop and function/repair workshops, at least one or two backup plants and sufficient Hydrogen storage tanks in case of inclement/cyclonic weather. The Department of the Energy Regulator has things to say in this area.

There have been many beneficial reasons portrayed to the Magnetic Island community for Hydrogen… all are false.

The whole project has been planned and executed in parts, over time, for the whole picture to be hidden. Why?

Why has there been so many hidden points of public concern? What could possibly be wrong with the new world, “you beaut” Hydrogen?

The hidden agenda, to me, is self-explanatory. The end picture is not so Rosie.

The land at 55 Kelly St., was agreed by the community to be to the benefit of local businesses with heavy machinery to park.

Where is the supposed Experimental Hydrogen Powerhouse (s) going to go? Besides whose house, in whose front yard?

We don’t have the room without being built out by our own infrastructure.

The two submarine power cables are already budgeted to be replaced years ago. Keep the known, time and weather tested reliable State-Owned submarine cables. Keep the hydrogen on the mainland.


Mike Schmidt

Nelly Bay

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