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Heartwarming rescue marks World Cassowary Day

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) Wildlife Officers have helped to highlight the importance of preserving one of Australia’s most endangered species, the cassowary, following a recent rescue in Cairns.

DES Wildlife Officers responded to a distressed adult cassowary wandering in an agitated manner away from its natural habitat around the streets of Caravonica, a suburb of Cairns.

Officers were able to guide the bird into a shady area, which allowed it to calm and cool down, while keeping away from nearby busy roads.

In a safe and gentle manner, the cassowary was sedated to reduce the risk of injuring itself and was placed into a specially designed cassowary transport box which was transferred to the DES Cassowary Response Vehicle.

The cassowary was monitored throughout the night and released unharmed back into nearby bushland the next morning.

It’s fitting the rescue comes in time for World Cassowary Day (September 26), an annual celebration dedicated to the preservation and protection of one of the world’s most enigmatic and endangered birds.

The successful rescue and release of this cassowary is a testament to the collaborative efforts needed to ensure the survival of this special species and acts as a reminder to the public to remain Caso-wary.

Cassowary facts:

1. It is the largest native vertebrate in Australian rainforests.

2. It is the second heaviest bird in the world to the ostrich.

3. It is the third tallest bird in the world to the ostrich (#1) and the emu (#2).

4. The cassowary egg is the third largest of all birds at about 584g.

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