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Council invests into businesses modernising their buildings

Pictured above: One of the selected builidngs 175 Flinders St. Photo TCC

Townsville City Council is supporting an influx of investment into the city centre by providing 12 local businesses with funding to modernise and activate their buildings under the Activation and Jobs Growth Policy Component 3.

The approved submissions will use the funding to help jumpstart their works, with Council awarding $330,000 towards the businesses to support the owners activating their spaces and encourage unique and engaging design. The investment is a starting block for the businesses, with the total project value for all businesses involved predicted to equal just over $5 million in local investment and bolster more than 48 local jobs.

"These grants support initiatives demonstrating activation of the Townsville streets, improving the city's attractiveness, vibrancy, or safety, including improvements to building or shopfront facades or retrofitting buildings to open them onto the street," Mayor Jenny Hill said.

“Council received 16 applications, 12 of which met the necessary criteria to be approved for this funding. Council has received significant support from industry groups, and Council is proceeding to support these local projects, as we recognise the vital importance of partnering with local businesses, enabling them to thrive in an emerging economy of lifestyle, industry and investment.

"Since launching the Development Incentives Package and City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy Council has awarded 11 projects to local businesses.”

Chamber Of Commerce chairperson Chris Rockemer said Townsville was experiencing a surge of investment through the city and fringe suburbs.

"The Chamber supports the Council's increased commitment to providing Modernising Building Grants as a catalyst to give the private enterprise the confidence to invest in the city. This revitalisation work also rejuvenates CBD infrastructure, attracting new business and promoting existing business," Mr Rockemer said.

Townsville Enterprise Director Corporate Services Tracey Holmes said Townsville Enterprise was committed to working with Townsville City Council to activate and grow Townsville.

"We have seen a number of industries commit to investing in Townsville and with that comes additional jobs and economic benefits. The beautification of our buildings increases the liveability and attractiveness of Townsville from an economic perspective,” Ms Holmes said.

Industry bodies Property Council of Australia (PCA) and Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) have both supported the funding applications of the City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy.

Queensland Executive Director of the Property Council, Jen Williams, has warmly welcomed this initiative saying that giving local businesses the tools to reactivate Townsville’s city centre will result in the wider community reaping the rewards.

“A vibrant and busy CBD is an essential component of any city. There are businesses and workers in the city that rely on a consistent level of foot traffic, and incentives such as this send a clear message the city is open for business,” Ms Williams said.

UDIA Townsville Branch President Matthew Bolton said the policy was a step in the right direction for Townsville’s future.

“Growing a city requires several components, one of which is creating a beautiful city that promotes pride, a place to live and attracts visitors. Townsville is very much on the path for substantial growth and lifestyle,” Mr Bolton said.

The City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy was widely promoted, and Component 3 was open for submissions from 15 August until 12 September 2022.

The next round of submission will open in 2023, and all Townsville businesses are encouraged to plan, prepare and apply.

For more information go to the City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy page.

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