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Pictured above: A badly damaged Picnic Bay jetty Cyclone Yasi 2011. Photos Debbie Denison

On the 3rd February 2011 severe Cat 5 Cyclone Yasi made land fall near Cardwell/ Tully area, approx 140kms north of Magnetic Island. The cyclone badly damaged the Picnic Bay Jetty.

Repairs to the jetty began in July 2012 and were completed by the end to that year, pictured below are some photos we found in our archives.

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תגובה אחת

02 בספט׳ 2023

Remember Pam very well. I knew her first husband (WORLAND) and they lived in Warboy Street, Nelly Bay and also her final partner, Geoff DeARGEAVEL who had Koala Park in Horseshoe Bay.

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