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An Open Letter to The Magnetic Island Community 16/10/2021.

The way I see it today trying to understand the secret agenda by “Magnetic Island Community Committee”, who seem to be a sub-mob of MICDA/MINCA.

The Commonwealth Dept of Environment & Heritage have a wish plan to remove all the feral off the islands around Australia.

This does not include Domestic Pets.

Somewhere between the NP trapping some cats and Feline Aids, the cats in the wild are nearly wiped out.

My conversation with the Commonwealth Dept of Heritage Invasive species Director said that Domestic Pets were not the issue unless they caused an issue in the National or Marine Park. I asked, if simply having any pets spayed would resolve the issue …. She agreed. I also pointed out that I had a deserted cat come to me from the wild, instead of being in the wild. I don’t think the cats intentionally want to be in the wild.

Check the Feral List at the web address below.

“Magnetic Island List” of invasive feral includes: Common Myna Bird, Goat, Rock Dove, Feral Cat, Red Junglefowl (Common domestic chicken?), Asian House Gecko, Nutmeg Mannikin, Agile Wallaby, Singing Bushlark, Helmeted Guineafowl, House Sparrow, Indian Peafowl, , Guppy, Black rat, Cane Toad, and Pig.

Some are gone … some to go?????

To me, it appears that TCC have taken the “Magnetic Island Community Committee” idealists to represent the community and have consulted with just a few who have a one tracked mind to obliterate the Cats completely from Magnetic Island. This is not the Commonwealth DEH intention but is the idealists. The idealists, from past understanding, also want to get rid of the Dogs. One bite at a time! Banning the Dogs will surely follow to compliment the idealists’ whims.

No pets on the Island, will save the TCC from having to employ a Compliancy Officer. Now, you can conspire to understand why the TCC have gone overboard in supporting the idealists to forgo any prior Community Consultation, and even inviting the idealists onto the animal law committee so that their full wishes can be compounded and accurately noted. Townsville City Council do EVERTHING according to the lowest economics. Look at the Sports and Rec grounds.

MI Community News is saying that a petition is available to sign at the Vet surgery and elsewhere about the island.

I think it is very important for people to make the effort to show up to the Meeting between 5.30 and 7.30pm at Amaroo on the 19th of October at Amaroo, to stand up against the idealistic few for our and future freedoms.

Also, you “Have your say” on the TCC website.

I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible with the reality of what I can find out thru the maze of secrecy,


Mike Schmidt, Magnetic Island.

P.S. The last N. Parks trapping was in 2017 with one feral cat trapped.

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