Sep 8, 2016

Tougher water restrictions come into effect

Press release

Townsville will move to tougher Level 3 water restrictions on Monday, August 8 after hitting the trigger point of below 20% in the Ross River Dam.

For Townsville households, this means that sprinklers or irrigation systems cannot be used.  The odds and evens system applies for handheld watering only, and any breach will incur on-the-spot fines, which are $365 for an individual and $1,828 for a company.

Mayor Jenny Hill thanked residents for working with council to reduce their water consumption up to this point.

“Thanks to residents’ efforts to conserve water, we’ve been able to delay moving to Level 3 restrictions as long as possible,” she said.

“We’ve managed to keep under the daily target of 130 megalitres a day; however dam levels have now dropped to below 20% triggering Level 3.

“Our daily target is now 100 megalitres a day and we need everyone to play a part during the current shortage, to make our reserves stretch as far as possible.

“Townsville is drought declared and water restrictions are a sensible and essential part of the city’s water security.”

Cr Hill said she was proud that most residents had played their part by reducing consumption, with only 80 fines issued to residents since Level 2 restrictions came into effect eight months ago.

“We are aware that water restrictions will be felt right across the city, and we are working with residents, and industry and business, to minimise impacts on our community as much as possible.

Water and Waste Committee chair Cr Paul Jacob said Council had already cut back on its own irrigation of parks and gardens by 44% of normal levels.

“Council still needs community support and I encourage residents to immediately report all leaks and broken sprinklers to council,” he said.

Council will consider pumping from the Burdekin when the dam level is between 20% and 10%, dependent on weather and consumption rates.

Council will be providing every household with key information of the changes, as well as advertising and social media.

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