Oct 2, 2010

Gillard Remains As PM

Author: Debbie Denison

Pictured is the only Magnetic Island boat competing in the 2010 Sunferries Race Week. It is ‘BUCCANEER TOO’ an Admas 12. Owner and skipper Nick Doran is with his sons Jake & Ethan and crew members, Bill Dowler, Steve Lyneham and Rob Marshall (absent are Eddie Sheeny & Michael Phillips) after competition of races on Sunday afternoon.

7th September 2010 Vol 21 Issue 24

Gillard Remains As PM

Debbie Denison

After three weeks of crowing, blood letting, playing the blame game and promises of billions of dollars to be spent in their electorates by both political parties. The three independents have made their decision, with the tune of ‘The Boys From The Bush are Back In Town’ echoing around the grounds of parliament house. Katter supports the Coalition, Windsor the Labor Party, Oakeshott the Labor party. For many it is just a relief, most Australian’s have had enough an election campaign that went on for about 18 months and now three weeks playing the power games, we all just want to get on with our lives.

As for us folk on Magnetic Island both sides of politics came bearing gifts of walkways and billions of dollars to be spent in out region. We have heard it all before. The Community News found a little gem ‘Lindsay promises $2.46 million for walkway from Nelly to Alma’ front page story MCN date 9th October 2007. In August 20010 Liberal candidate Ewen Jones promised the same. As the new Member for the Federal seat of Herbert, Ewen Jones now has to make good with all the promises that the Liberal Party made during the election campaign. This will be very difficult now that the Coalition has been unable to form government. The Labor Gillard government also promised funding for the Nelly Bay to Arcadia walkway, It is now time for the labor party to honor its promise and give funding to the Townsville City Council for this much needed project to start. We as a community must ensure that this happens.

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